Ceramic Tile Expectation

Range variation + Applications

Ceramic Tiles: What to Expect on Range + Variation

  • The nature of our handcrafted processes gives you a unique, beautiful tile. Our process starts with the clay body; we mix our clay body in-house from dry ingredients. From there we create and mix all our stains and glazes as well. We source our raw materials direct from quarries around North America and just like with stone there is natural variation between shipments of our materials.

  • Many of our tiles are hand-cut and our glazes are hand-applied using different methods. They are fired in small kilns with individual personalities. Our glazes and kilns can be affected by weather as well, so heatwaves and cold snaps can affect the final product.

  • Our processes are kept organic by design. We appreciate the beauty of a handcrafted tile and that is reflected in the designs of our tiles and glazes. In selling customers on our variation, it’s helpful to approach it like you would a natural stone.

  • Glazes are mixed in very small batches. Most orders require multiple batches of glaze which can add to the variation.

  • Use our Glaze Sign-Off forms available on our Support Site in addition to loose pieces and photos on our website to educate yourself and your customers on our range and variation.

  • Expect to see ANY or ALL of the range in an order. Full range isn’t guaranteed, but our goal is to get you as much variation as possible.

  • Size Variation – There are many factors in our processes that may result in a slight variation in sizing. This can be over multiple orders or in a single order. We do what we can to mitigate this as much as possible, but some variation in size is unavoidable and part of the beauty of our tile. This shows up in mosaics as uneven grout joints – this is normal and to be expected.

  • Our tile is vitreous and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications including wet applications (baths, pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms, fountains, and showers), fireplaces, and light traffic floors.

  • Sheers – due to the nature of the glaze, Sheers are not recommended for use on floors, exteriors, or pools/spas. These glazes show dirt easier than other glazes and can be difficult to keep clean.

  • Alloys – due to pH sensitivity, Alloy glazes are not recommended for pools/spas.

  • Bronze – our most sensitive glaze, but also one of our most unique and beautiful glazes. Bronze can patina or show wear easier than any of our other glazes. It is not recommended for wet areas or exteriors. Use caution when putting on a floor. When Bronze patinas it turns black.

  • Only experienced professional tile installers should install our products in pools.

  • Product Selection: Size guidelines vary by state for pools and water features. Refer to your local guidelines for acceptable sizes. Sheer and Alloy glazes are not recommended.

  • Preparation: Most tile failures can be traced back to substrate preparation. It’s vital that your contractor follow all steps outlined in TCNA P602.

  • Sealing: Sealing is required to protect from materials that may stain and to protect the finish by filling in microscopic pores that may otherwise trap discoloring materials. Follow sealing manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.

  • Stone is used as an accent to our ceramic in some mosaics and is not meant to replace the ceramic. Our mosaics cannot be ordered in all stone.

  • Stone is a natural material and varies in color and sometimes thickness from order to order. We order stone from our supplier when you send a purchase order. We don’t have control over the stone selected and cannot use COM stone. We do not have stone in stock at the factory.

  • We have included photographs of glaze range and finished installations to inspire you in your design process. Printed photographs are inadequate to fully communicate the visual and tactile aspects of our products. Our glazes are highly influenced by lighting which makes it difficult to properly capture all the nuances. Monitors and devices also influence the appearance of our glazes on social media and websites.

  • Always obtain current samples before placing your order.

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